River in Canyon

River in Canyon
River in Canyon

Poem by Coyote @CoyoteSing

down a dirt road
I barely remember
how deep I must go
into this canyon
to find the river

Poem shared courtesy
of @CoyoteSing

Friday, January 2, 2015

Household #21 - Luella LACHER

This is the last of those I refer to as "family dwellings".  The rest of the dwellings in River Portal are boarding houses and those will be much more difficult for me to share research on.  I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do that - but I'm definitely going to tackle the challenge! 

This last one isn't really a "family".  It's one single lady - a school teacher.  I was able to find her with her family before she moved to River Portal.  While researching I noted that her sister Olga had married someone in Montrose so it's possible that the family was in that area.  I surmise that the reason I haven't found anything further on Luella / Lulu was that she probably married and not knowing who her spouse was I hit a brick wall.  I have very little to offer on her.  I hope someone comes across this information and can fill in some blanks.  As we sit here now it's hard to imagine that there was once a schoolhouse here -- and my grandpa and his sister attended it.  Luella was likely their teacher. 

1900 Federal Census; Colorado; Arapahoe County;
First Precinct; E.D. 1; Denver; June 8; 155/184; DCH

Lacher, Martin Head W M Oct 1860 39 M17
                                    Germany Germany Germany 1880 20 Na?
                                               Printing Compositor?
           , Hellen Wife W F Mar 1865 35 M17 3/2
                                    Germany Germany Germany 1881 19
           , Olga Daughter W F Dec 1883 16 S
                                    Minnesota Germany Germany
           , Lulu Daughter W F Jan 1888 12 S
                                     Illinois Germany Germany
1910 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County;
Precinct 17; River Portal; E.D. 111; April 27; 21/21; DCH

Lacher, Luella Head F W 22 S
                                     Colorado Germany Germany
                                                        Teacher Public School

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