River in Canyon

River in Canyon
River in Canyon

Poem by Coyote @CoyoteSing

down a dirt road
I barely remember
how deep I must go
into this canyon
to find the river

Poem shared courtesy
of @CoyoteSing

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It Began With A Baby

I'm going to start sharing my stories in a very special place. Once upon a time in Colorado there was a little place called River Portal. So let your mind's eye take you to a seat on a rock or the grass beside the beautiful Gunnison River and I'll tell you all about it. Get yourself comfy now! We'll be here a while!

I have two adult granddaughters so imagine my joy upon learning that my daughter was expecting a new baby a few years ago!  I was really excited to be able to get another chance to go through the whole baby, toddler, little kid stages that are so much fun!

My daughter had immediately decided that if she had a boy she would name him "Mason" after our main Irish line.  We're very proud of our Irish heritage!  I loved the idea!  His middle name would be "Liam" - Irish for "William" - my dad's middle name.  That paid tribute to my dad as well and of course thrilled me.  

My husband and I like to take small trips around the state of Colorado where we live and in May of 2009 we were spending the night in Montrose, Montrose County, Colorado.  We were planning to see Black Canyon of the Gunnison the next day.  As we were driving to Montrose we learned that my daughter had given birth and that it was a boy and she'd indeed named him Mason Liam  _____.  I was ecstatic!  

It was Mason's first day of life and we were spending it in a place that would become very special to us because of that Irish heritage he had been named for.  

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