River in Canyon

River in Canyon
River in Canyon

Poem by Coyote @CoyoteSing

down a dirt road
I barely remember
how deep I must go
into this canyon
to find the river

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of @CoyoteSing

Friday, January 2, 2015

Household #20 - Thomas DOUGHERTY

Ahhh...now we come to the core of the Dougherty family!  The patriarch!  Thomas Dougherty! 

Thomas and children occupied at least 5 of the 21 "family dwelling" households in River Portal on the 1910 census.  Wow!  Seems like they turned this "company town" into their "family town" in a way.  I think it's awesome!  It may be that there are yet to be discovered connections between this family and other River Portal families.  At first glance I didn't realize the connections.  Research led to the wonderful discoveries.  I love that about genealogy! 

1850 Federal Census; Virginia; Ritchie County;
Western District; September 9; 503/503; DCH

Daniel Daugherty 45 M Blacksmith Ireland
Agnes          “        36 F New York
Joseph H.    “          7 M Pennsylvania
Thomas H.   “          2 M Virginia
Elizabeth Humphrey 22 F New York

(NOTE: Possible that Nancy's maiden name was Humphrey)
1860 Federal Census; Virginia; Pleasants County;
District No 2; June 14; 117/117; DCH

Daniel Daugherty 57 M W Blacksmith Ireland
Nancy        “         50 F W New York
Joseph H.   “         17 M W Pennsylvania
Thomas H. “          12 M W Virginia
William L. “            8 M W Virginia
1870 Federal Census; Kansas; Osage County;
Valley Brook Township; August 1; 116/165; DCH

Thomas H. Dougherty 22 M W Farmer Virginia
Jane Dougherty 21 F W Housekeeper Ireland
Agnes Dougherty 6/12 F W January
1875 Kansas State Census; Morris County, Valley Township

Thomas Daugherty 25 M W Sawyer Virginia Virginia
Jane             “         25 F W Ireland
M. A.           “           5 F W Kansas
G. T.            “       9/12 M W Kansas
1885 Colorado State Census; Montrose County;
District 1; 60/111 & 62/114; DCH

Daugherty, Thos W M 36 S (sic) Engineer
                                      Virginia Virginia Virginia

(NOTE: For some reason not listed together with rest of family who are a couple of households away. Perhaps visiting?)

Daugherty, Mary W F 30 Wife M
                                    Ireland Ireland Ireland
                , Mary W F 14 Daughter S
                                    Kansas Ireland Ireland
                , George W M 9 Son S
                                   Kansas Ireland Ireland
                , Baby W M 4 Son S
                                   Kansas Ireland Ireland
                , Edward W M 1 Son S
                                   Colorado Ireland Ireland

(NOTE:  Judging by other census info, Jane must have been "Mary Jane" and Agnes must have been "Mary Agnes".  "Baby" on this census had to have been Arthur.)
1900 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County;
Precinct 11; E.D. 78; June 13; 314/314; DCH

Dougherty, Thomas H. Head W M May 1848 52 M 30
                                               West Virginia Ireland Pennsylvania
                 , Jane Wife W F Jany 1849 51 M 30 10/7
                                               Ireland Ireland Ireland
                 , George Son W M Sept 1874 25 S
                                               Kansas West Virginia Ireland
                 , Arthur Son W M Mch 1879 21 S
                                               Kansas West Virginia Ireland
                 , Edward (sic) Daughter W F Aug 1884 15 S
                                               Kansas West Virginia Ireland
                 , Ellen Daughter W F Apr 1886 14 S
                                               Kansas West Virginia Ireland
                 , Bessie Daughter W F Dec 1887 12 S
                                                Kansas West Virginia Ireland
                 , Hattie Daughter W F Jany 1890 9 S
                                                Kansas West Virginia Ireland

(NOTE:  This particular census record was difficult for me to find & was the most important as it proved my working theory that these children all belonged to Thomas.)
1910 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County;
Precinct 17; River Portal; E.D. 111; April 27; 20/20; DCH

Dougherty, Thomas H. Head M W 61 Wd
                                              Virginia Ireland New York
                                                          Laborer Odd Jobs
                 , Bessie Daughter F W 22 S
                                              Colorado Virginia Ireland
                 , Hattie Daughter F W 19 S
                                              Colorado Virginia Ireland
Thomas Dougherty (sometimes spelled Daugherty or Doherty) enlisted in Co. D of the 6 West Virginia Infantry out of Ritchie County, West Virginia during the Civil War.  For those not familiar with the history of West Virginia - it was originally part of Virginia and several counties seceded in 1861 (the year that the Civil War began).  West Virginia was granted statehood in 1863.  Thomas was born in Virginia before West Virginia became a state. 

Cemetery Records:

Cedar Cemetery; Montrose; Montrose County; Colorado

Dougherty, Thomas H. No Dates Co. D, 6 West Virginia Inf.;
City Records: Buried Section K, Block 37,
Lot 6 or 8, NE 1/4

Dougherty, Jane 1849 - 1907 "Mother"
City Records: Buried Section K, Block 37,
Lot 7, NE 1/4

(NOTE:  Pictures of headstones of various family members including Thomas & Jane are on www.findagrave.com – Cedar Cemetery – Montrose, Montrose County, Colorado. Information on that site lists Jane’s maiden name as McSherry.)
Son Edward living in Montrose - with inlaws. Married to Ethel Beatty
NOTE:  Would LOVE to know more about "Jane" from Ireland! 

So...Patriarch Thomas Dougherty & two of his daughters (Hattie & Bessie) are found in household #20.  Son George is in household #9,  Daughter Agnes is with her husband Frank Dawson in household #15.  Son Arthur is in household #18.  Daughter Ellen is with her husband William Wesley Williams in household #19.  These are among the closest households to my own Mason family who are found in household #17. 

Wouldn't I just love to find a connection between the Dougherty family and my Mason family!  It must have been comfortable for them to have other Irish blood around them - and they had that in Jane's children.

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