River in Canyon

River in Canyon
River in Canyon

Poem by Coyote @CoyoteSing

down a dirt road
I barely remember
how deep I must go
into this canyon
to find the river

Poem shared courtesy
of @CoyoteSing

Friday, January 2, 2015

Household #19 - Wesley & Ellen (DOUGHERTY) WILLIAMS

I was really excited to discover more information about Wesley & his family!  Little did I know that I would stumble upon yet another connection to the Dougherty family in River Portal!  As I mentioned before, 5 of the 21 "family dwelling" households in River Portal are connected.  They're all part of one Dougherty family.  It truly amazes me that there were so many of one family in that tiny little place!  Although I can't 100% confirm my findings - the preponderance of evidence is definitely in my favor.

1880 Federal Census; Missouri; Bates County;
Hudson Township; E.D. 163; June 16; 133/142; DCH

English, Stephen W M 49 Farmer
                                       Ohio Virginia Kentucky
            , Nancy W F 43 Wife M Keeping House
                                       Ohio Ohio Ohio
Williams, Amy E. W F 18 Daughter M Assists in House
                                        Illinois Ohio Ohio
English, Benjamin W M 14 Son S
                                        Illinois Ohio Ohio
             , Eli M. W M 12 Son
                                        Illinois Ohio Ohio
             , Albert O. W M 9 Son
                                         Illinois Ohio Ohio
             , Edward W. W M 8 Son
                                          Illinois Ohio Ohio
             , Harvey W M 6 Son
                                          Illinois Ohio Ohio
             , Ida B. W F 4 S
                                          Illinois Ohio Ohio
Williams, William W. W M 6/12 Nov Grandson
                                           Missouri Ohio Illinois
1885 Colorado State Census; Gunnison County;
E.D. 3; 154/154; DCH

Williams, F. P. W M 32 M Ranchman
                                        Ohio Ohio Ohio
               , Amy W F 22 Wife M Keeps House
                                        Illinois Ohio Indiana
               , Wesley W M 5 Son S
                                        Missouri Ohio Illinois
               , Walter W M 3 Son S
                                        Colorado Ohio Illinois
               , Bessie W F 2 Daughter S
                                        Colorado Ohio Illinois
1900 Federal Census; Colorado; Teller County; Victor Town;
Precinct 33; June 19; 123 ½ North Seventh Street; 435/442; DCH

Williams, Amie Head F W Apr 1862 38 Wd 21 4/2
                                           Illinois Ohio Ohio
               , William W. Son W M Nov 1879 20 S
                                            Missouri Ohio Illinois
               , Walter W. Son W M Aug 1881 18 S
                                            Colorado Ohio Illinois
                                                              Printers Trade
1910 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County; Precinct 17;
River Portal; E.D. 111; April 27; 19/19; DCH

Williams, Wesley Head M W 30 M2 / 1
                                          Missouri Ohio Illinois
                                                         Shift Boss Tunnel
               , Ellen Wife F W 24 M1 / 1
                                          Colorado Virginia Ireland

(NOTE: Strongly believe that wife Ellen was the daughter of Thomas Dougherty. He is living next door to Wesley & Ellen along with his daughters (Ellen’s sisters) Hattie & Bessie. Brothers George & Arthur are also living in separate households in River Portal and sister Mary Agnes is living with her husband Frank Dawson. The daughter of Frank & Mary Agnes (nee Dougherty) – Agnes Dougherty is living with Wesley & Ellen’s family on the 1930 census and she is listed as “niece”. Age of Ellen and birthplaces match. Marriage record would be great confirmation.)
1920 Federal Census; Colorado; San Miguel County;
Precinct 10; Vanadium; E.D. 161; January 18; 108/109; DCH

Williams, Wesley Head M W 40 M
                                           Missouri Ohio Ohio
                                                        Millman Vanadium Mill
               , Ellen Wife F W 33 M
                                           Colorado Virginia Ireland
               , Harris Son M W 8 S
                                           Colorado Missouri Colorado
               , Sarah Daughter F W 6 S
                                           Colorado Missouri Colorado
               , Woodrow Son M W 3 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
               , Charles Son M W 1/12 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
1930 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County;
Montrose Precinct; Montrose City; Precinct 1-2;
E.D. 43; April 12; 186/210; DCH

Williams, Wesley Head M W 49 M 27
                                            Missouri Missouri Missouri
                                                          Steam Shovel Operator R.R.
              , Ellen Wife F W 42 M 20
                                            Colorado Virginia Virginia
              , Harris Son M W 18 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
                                                          Farm Laborer
              , Sarah Daughter F W 17 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
                                                          Servant Private Family
              , Woodrow Son M W 13 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
              , Charles Son M W 10 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
              , James Son M W 8 S
                                            Colorado Missouri Colorado
Dawson, Agnes Niece F W 19 S
                                            Colorado Ohio Oklahoma
                                                         Servant Private Family
Appear to be enumerated twice - in two different counties. One time with kids and one time without. They may have left the children in the care of a family member. It’s possible that the niece listed – Agnes Dawson – was caring for the children in the absence of their parents while still naming them in the household. Despite a couple of inconsistencies I believe the families to be the same. Census information accuracy often depends on who provided the information.
1930 Federal Census; Colorado; Archuleta County; Precinct 8;
Pagosa Junction; E.D. 10; April 12; 33/35; DCH

Williams, Wesley Head M W 50 M 21
                                          Missouri Ohio Indiana
                                                      Fireman Railroad Ditcher
               , Ellen Wife F W 42 M 22
                                          Colorado Virginia Ireland
World War I Draft Card Info:

Serial Number: 22
Order Number: 470
Name: William Wesley Williams
Permanent Home Address: Vanadium, San Miguel, Colo.
Age in Years: 38
Date of Birth: November 25, 1879
Natural Born Citizen
Present Occupation: Shift Boss
Employer’s Name: Primas Chemical Co.
Place of Employment: Vanadium, San Miguel, Colo.
Nearest Relative: Ellen Williams
Vanadium, San Miguel, Colo.
Medium Height
Stout Build
Blue Eyes
Brown Hair
September 12, 1918
Signed: William Wesley Williams

(I can help with some of your mysteries. My grandmother was Frank and Agnes Dawson's daughter, Mary Ellen. The niece who lived with the Williams family was her sister, Agnes. She lived with them after both parents, Frank and Agnes, died within six months of each other. The other Dawsons were old enough to be on their own, but "Poor Little Agnes" was not and was quite petted and adored by the Williams family. I have stories from my grandmother about the tunnel and am so happy to find this site.  “Mom Gilmore”)

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